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The Little Dancer tells the heart warming story of how 14 year old Marie Van Goethem became the most famous dancer in the world.

The show has an inclusive holiday theme, but can be done year ’round.

It all begins with Mama Van Goethem taking on extra laundry work so that her daughter can fulfill her lifelong dream to take dance lessons at the Paris Opera House. In no time, Marie is discovered by the strict Mistress de Ballet as Paree’s next great ballerina. Not long after, Marie’s ill grandfather grows sicker, needing an expensive new medicine that the Van Goethems cannot afford. Marie, fearless like her Grand Papa, agrees to model for the grumpy Edgar Degas. His model’s strength inspires the cranky old artist to create something the likes of which the world has never seen before. But the long hours of modeling force Marie to give up her role of the featured “Little Dancer” in the Opera House’s annual Ole Paree Christmas Show. Heart broken, Marie vows to her friends Charlotte and Louise that her days as a dancer are done. Months later, when an invitation arrives in the mail for her to attend an exhibit at the most important gallery in all of Paris, Marie is in for the surprise of her life.

This 55 minute holiday show has it all – a delightful story, hummable songs, graceful ballet and toe tapping dance numbers – all wrapped into one hour of theatrical magic. Kids, parents and grandparents will leave the theatre filled with the spirit of season.

Recommend for ages 6 to 106.

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